Title Block Exchange - Local License

Title Block Exchange - Local License



Title Block Exchange Application is a feature-rich, easy-to-use tool to help user maintaining delivery information, updating whole project drawings' title blocks with Excel register file by a few clicks once setup correctly. Local License version is to enable offline users to activate their commercial version via activation code locally.


Building the dynamic attribute data link between your sheet drawings (or Sheetset drawings) and the Excel Register which is very useful in major projects which usually need to update title block constantly and effectively.


This tool can promote your efficiency many times and make your repetitive task become easy and meaningful, save you many valuable hours to enjoy life or other creative works. Largely, this application has the following main functions:

1. Create the Title Block Excel Template base on your seed sheet drawings which has the right title blocks on paper space (single title block or multiple title blocks accepted, up to 3).


2. Export Title Block attributes values for multiple drawings base on your initial Excel register template (based on the seed drawings' title block attribute) to the Excel file for you to edit and analyze.


3. Import the Excel register values back to the multiple drawings to update the attribute values.


4. Use the Log file to trace your template creation, attributes exportation and importation history and pinpoint possible title block attributes errors in drawing files.


5. All Above Setting for the whole project / one package /one discipline /one stage can be saved as an xml project file and later to load back to Title Block Exchange Application with a click.


6. The user can create a template setting for a project and share it with your team. You can have one setting for the whole project or multiple settings and save as different xml files respectively for different disciplines in your project.


7. Please send us your local Computer code (It will show on the activation dialogue at the first time you run this app on your computer) by email and we will send back the local activation key within two working days.


Even this tool is reliable and robust which has been tested in several major trial projects with thousands of drawings, I still strongly advise you to backup your drawings to a safe place before you use this application. Welcome your precious suggestions and feedback.


This application is compatible with Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2017-2021 and its verticals. Maybe works well in earlier versions but not tested.

Informationen zu dieser Version

Version 1.60, 13.09.2021
New Features: 1. Introduce new controls in template tab to show details of selected title block in loaded template file. 2. Add draggable functions to main three tabs. 3. Make latest project to the top of the "Recent Projects" submenu list. 4. Add project xml file to save "template file path" and "register file path". 5. Enable 1.60 project xml file format compatible with 1.54 version xml file format. 6. Add a "Sort" button in both "Export" tab and "Import" tab for the "Selected Drawings List box", which can facilitate user to sort drawings for processing. Bug fixed: 1. fix the bug that cannot update last attribute in a row of register file in version 1.54. 2. fix the drawings' display order when open a new project drawing folder. 3. Beautify buttons images.


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