ELECTRICAL & FLUIDPOWER Symbol Library (Demo Version)

ELECTRICAL & FLUIDPOWER Symbol Library (Demo Version)




Electrical and Fluid Power Symbol Library: Version 6.5 of the Electrical & Fluid Power Symbol Library contains over 2850 symbols, all of which comply with either the ANSI Y32.2, IEC 617, or ISO 1219 standards.


The Electrical ANSI Y32.2 library includes:





Signal lights




Fuses and circuit breakers along with pressure, limit, float and pull cord switches.


Relay coils, contacts, timers, and a wide range of 1, 2, & 3 pole combination starters are included. Induction and commutator motor symbols, transformers, logic elements and a small selection of solid state devices and a wide range of selector switches, complete with optional cam tables, are provided. Brief descriptions have been assigned to the symbols in the sidebar menu, wherever possible.


The Electrical IEC 617 library includes the majority of symbols contained in the following parts:

Part 2 (Symbol Elements)

Part 3 (Conductors and connecting devices)

Part 4 (Passive components{resistors, capacitors, inductors etc})

Part 5 (Semiconductors)

Part 6 (Production and conversion of electrical energy)

Part 7 (Switchgear, control gear and protective devices)

Part 8 (Measuring instruments, lamps and signaling devices


Since the IEC 617 Standard is metric, all the symbols have been drawn to fit on ISO sized drawings. If required, the symbols can be inserted into ANSI sized drawings and then scaled down. Brief descriptions have been assigned to the symbols.


The Fluid Power IS01219 library includes:-

Valve outlines,



Fixed and variable flow controls and over 100 center spool configurations.


Also included are filters, heat exchangers, relief valves, cylinders, pumps, motors, check valves, motion control valves. reducing and regulating valves.


The latest version (6.5) includes extensive ranges of mobile, electro-hydraulic valves, and over 400 sandwich valves. All symbols are accessed from pull-down menus and icon dialogue boxes. When possible, brief descriptions have been assigned to the symbols. The symbols are accurately drawn on Layer 0 with a snap value of 0.2 (2.0) and a grid setting of 0.4 (8.0), depending upon the choice of Imperial or (Metric) sized drawing sheets.

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Version 6.5.1, 12.04.2016

Added support to AutoCAD® 2016 (No change in version number)

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