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MoxyDrawLite is an Autodesk® AutoCAD® add-in that reads commands from simple text files and executes them in AutoCAD.


It's the ideal solution for professionals and enthusiasts who want to automatize and build drawings almost instantly. High-complexity drawings can be generated within seconds.


MoxyDrawLite is the free version of MoxyDraw.


The easy coding of MoxyDrawLite and MoxyDraw can be learned within a few minutes.


  • Like MoxyDraw, MoxyDrawLite can draw up to 8000 objects per second (depending on your system)


  • MoxyDrawLite (free version) has 7 commands: Arc, Circle, Ellipse, Layer new, Line, New, and Zoom extents


  • MoxyDraw (full version) has 84 commands with multiple internal options: Arc, ArrayRectangular, ArrayPolar, Circle, CloseAll, CloseAndDiscard, Copy, CreateBlock, CreateFolder, DimAligned, DimHorizontal, DimVertical, DimAngleLine, DimAngleArc, DimAngle3Points, DimArcLength, DimOrdinateWindow, DimOrdinate, DimLinearWindow, DimRadius, DimRadiusCoordinates, DimDiameter, DimDiameterCoordinates, Leader, Mleader, Dimstyle, Donut, Draworder, Dtext, Ellipse, EraseAll, Explode, FindAndReplace, Grid, Hatch, Insert, Layer, Layout, Limits, Line, New, Mirror, Move, Mtext, MoxyReadWrite, Mview, Offset, Open, Ortho, Osnap, Pause, Plot, Point, PointMode, PointSize, Polygon, Polyline, Purge, QuickSave, QuickSaveAndClose, Quit, Ray, Rectangle, RectangleCenter, Redraw, Regen, Rotate, Save as, SaveCopy, Scale, ScanDwgSpace, Setvar, Snap, Slot, Spline, Trim, Table, TextStyle, Ucs, Units, Wipeout, Xline, Xref, Zoom


  • Test freely if it suits your needs and works on your system


  • No ads


  • No watermarks


  • No data sharing


  • No hassles


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

Informationen zu dieser Version

Version, 27.05.2024
1.3 - Zoom command rewritten; 1.2 - New UI for the help; Fixed a glitch with the available update; 1.1 - Fixed the problem with the revision; Changed the link to buy MoxyDraw; Added all commands in the options window; 1.0 - Launch Version

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  • A must for your project...
    Laurent G-Dufresne | März 11, 2024

    insane app! Just discovered it with the Youtube video ''how to draw a jet engine in AutoCAD in less than 9s''... 100% would recommend. Stop wasting your time and download it now

    Damianos Papadopoulos | Juni 14, 2024

    Any advice on how to create the txt file with all coordinates needed for the design in 9s? Seriously now, the problem is not how to import the data from a txt file in AutoCAD in 9s but how to create the txt file will all that information.

    Laurent G-Dufresne | Juni 16, 2024

    @Damianos Papadopoulos These are just examples and they've been created by moxydraw. It has a tool to read and write code. Write them, they are really helpful.

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