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Dashes are built perpendicular to the brow of the slope, while the corners are smooth turns, avoiding overlaps and intersections of the strokes. Also in the process of building, there is a tool for allowing mass edit position strokes.


Compare the length of the slope and step hatch to the number of lines does not exceed 2000, or the calculation can take a long time.  

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Version 4.7.0, 24.03.2021
Highlighting the edge of the slope when selected. Looping commands for hatching a large number of slopes.

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  • Благодарность
    Evgeny Aleksandrov | Juni 07, 2021

    Это лучшее решение по откосам. Автору благодарность!

  • Absolutely Brilliant
    Suzan Quigg | November 03, 2020 Geprüfter Download (Was ist das?)

    So easy to use. Makes landscape plans look very professional. Thanks for developing such a great app.


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