Access Space Generator

Access Space Generator

Keith Brown Programming



With the Equipment Access Space Generator for Autodesk® AutoCAD® MEP you can quickly and easily create a 3D or 2D representation of equipment access space.


The access space is created as mvpart and is anchored to the piece of equipment using an AutoCAD MEP object anchor.

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Versión 1.0.2, 06/06/2016
Added support for AutoCAD® MEP 2016 and 2017.

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  • Shawn Simmons
    SHAWN SIMMONS | febrero 10, 2015 Descarga verificada (¿Qué es esto?)

    Awesome Tool!!! This Tool helps SO much, especially on BIM projects and making sure 3D access space is accounted for. Thank You K. Brown!!

  • Excellent
    Stephen Dantone | mayo 09, 2014 Descarga verificada (¿Qué es esto?)

    This is a great application! Anyone involved in coordination should definitely download this app.

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