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The architect or draftsman projects and draws the building including its walls, ceilings, windows, doors, etc. The planner can use this drawing for technical calculations without additional manual input or re-entering the building data.


The planner creates a gbXML file via the “gbXML Viewer” button on the “Add-Ins“ or “Plug-Ins“ tab of the multifunctional toolbar. From this file, the gbXML Viewer reads any geometry data relevant for subsequent technical building services calculations such as energy performance certificates, heating load, cooling load, piping network calculations and others.


Using the gbXML Viewer, the planner can visualize and fix inconsistencies during data transfer or errors in the drawing. Such examination is possible and quite useful even at the early planning stage.


The gbXML Viewer displays all existing levels and the types of building elements they contain in a selection dialog. The user can select individual or multiple building element types across all levels (Ctrl key). The chosen building elements are highlighted in the drawing accordingly. This way, transfer or drawing errors such as the failure to recognize windows, ceilings being interpreted as roofs, etc., can be made visible and can then be fixed in the drawing.

With the gbXML Viewer app, users can take a close look at any planning stage and check and, if necessary, improve the correctness and usability of the data for further calculations.

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Versione 1.0.3, 13/05/2024
Added 2025 support

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