Drawing Purge

Drawing Purge


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Compatible with Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2012 to 2021.

Please note that this app will not work with AutoCAD LT version

After installing the app, if the commands are not working please read the Frequently Asked Questions page.

There are 2 commands for this plug-in



To purge the Current Drawing

By entering DWG-PURGE at the command line this plug-in will delete all the DGN unreferenced LineTypes, RegApps and Annotation Scale.

Also a dialog box will show with list of any XRefs attached to the drawing that needs to purge.

By clicking 'Purge' will start to purge the attached XRefs.



To purge multiple drawings without opening the files.

In DWG-PURGE-BATCH you can add the drawings by following methods

  • By selecting the drawing from 'Select drawing' button
  • By selecting a folder
  • Copy/Paste a folder path
  • Drag and drop


From this dialog box go to Options tab for more options.

  • Purge the drawings and save to a different location
  • Purge the drawings and add a suffix to the file name e.g:- Mydrawing_purged.dwg
  • Purge and save the drawing to another version
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Versione, 11/09/2020
2021 Support added.

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