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This programming project began when I tried to make a pottery model in paper, as a toy. Then I found making a 3D Unfold app is great not only for CAD users but also for myself to perfect my geometry and polyline programming system.


Click the Add-in ribbon tab and you can see the 7cad 3D Unfold ribbon.


7cad_Unfold command's window has 2 tabs. The first tab is to unfold a general 3D model shape. It is recommended the 3D model is a decimated 3D mesh.


The second tab is for the case of unfolding an octagon revolve shape. No need for a 3D model here. You only need to specify the rotating curve polyline and the axis.


After unfold command has done the job, you can run 7cad_FoldUp command to see how the flatten unfold faces can be folded up and get back to the original. This command will create a block name "Fold Up Animation". Within the block, all animation items are put into layers name "Fold Up Animation 1", "Fold Up Animation 2", ... Click the "Forward" and "Back" arrow to see the animation. This command is for demonstration purpose only.


Finally, it is 7cad_Cutout command. This command joins unfold pieces together in union polylines. Print the unfold layouts to papers, cut the union polylines out, fold up and stick them together, then you can have your favourite real world paper model!


A web version of the app is available here, powered by Autodesk® Forge Design Automation:


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Versione 2.1.0, 10/05/2024
Automatically fixed faces and regions if edges overlapping each other. Automatically purge zero area faces and regions. Added Autodesk® AutoCAD® 2025 support.

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    Please Autocad 2023 support

    Linh Pham Vu Hong (Autore) | aprile 13, 2022

    Hi, you can try these manual steps: "How to edit an app for autoloading to AutoCAD 2023" at "https://7cad-programming.com/blog/blog/post-4/" If you interest, please share your experience using the app for me to know how it is going at your side.

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