Points of interest


This app has 4 palettes combined into 1 palette set, each with its own purpose. You can open these palettes by clicking the button on the Add-ins ribbon or typing the command 'POINTSOFINTEREST'.


Import Points

Select the points of a generic block, or a custom block, that you can manage in the Library palette.

Then either click where to place the blocks or import a shapefile (.shp-file or a ZIP-file containing .shp-files)

After clicking or importing the totals of each kind of block is shown.



In this palette, all the points are shown in a table. If you click an eye button the active view is zoomed in on that block. You can change which block is used per point. At the top, you can filter the points based on the block alias given on the library palette. The first square button deletes all the selected points and blocks in the drawing. When a block belonging to an imported point has deleted the background of that point, it turns red. With the second square button, you delete all points where the block is already deleted in the drawing. When the setting 'Auto-update Points' is set to true on the settings palette then this button is greyed out and the point is deleted when the associated block is deleted in the drawing. When a block associated with a point is modified (moved, color, layer, ed.) the background of the point turns orange. With the 3rd square button, you redraw all the points with the data present in the 'Points of interest' application. You would do this if you accidentally deleted or modified a block associated with a point. With the 4th square button, the data from the modified blocks are read out and stored in the 'Points of interest' application. When the setting 'Auto-update Points' is set to true on the settings palette then this button is greyed out and the point is automatically updated when the associated block is modified in the drawing. The 5th square button places a table in the drawing with all the points data on it.



Here you can edit or add all the blocks used. Select which block definition you want to add to the library. Select which Category it belongs to (you can add more categories on the 'Settings' palette). Choose an alternate name if you want (useful when the block name is long and unreadable). Add block. The library drawing is opened, and the block is imported in that drawing and closed again. You can also delete blocks from the library by selecting them in the tree view and pressing delete. If you select a category and press delete, ALL blocks with that category are deleted. Deleting blocks from the library does not delete them from the current drawing.



On this palette are some settings that can be useful. You can select a language for the text used in the drawing. When 'Auto-update point' is on, the points from the 'Points' palette are automatically updated when the blocks in the drawing are modified or deleted. When 'Dynamic height colors' is on, the blocks are given a color based on the relative z value of the current points (blue is lowest and red is highest). At the bottom you can edit the categories. Deleting categories that are in use in the library will make those blocks invisible in the library until the category is added again. Please delete all blocks from a category before you delete the category.


If you encounter any bugs or have a suggestion to improve this program, please contact me at info@pro-cad.nl.


Thank you for trying my software!


This app is fully functional and free for the first 30 days.

After this period a paid license is required. Please contact info@pro-cad.nl for pricing or bulk purchasing. This is not an automated process so expect a processing time of 2 days.


バージョン 1.2.0, 2021/09/13
Added the ability to choose on which layer the blocks get drawn. Added a function to get the height of points directly from AHN. Added a function to get AHN heights in a profile line if you also have a license of 'Surface Creator'.


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