This program is a set of AutoLISP routines that allow performing the following tasks with a paper space viewport:

  1. Resize it to the size of the rectangle enclosed in two picked corners. If the viewport is clipped the program unclips it. It might be helpful after changing the viewport's scale. The user doesn't have to pick viewport corners precisely to move them. Instead, he can quickly draw the new size.

  2. Make a viewport in paper space from drawn or selected shapes in Model Space. The shape can be preselected. The program works only in the top view. In the popup dialog window, the user is asked to select the scale, layer, and layout. The last used layout is selected by default. The program remembers the last used settings, so the user doesn't have to set each time the parameters from the beginning. The program also offers an option to draw an irregular shape or select the already existing shape that will clip the newly created viewport. It can be Polyline, 3DPolyline, 2DPolyline, Region, Ellipse, Circle, or Spline.

  3. Generate in model space a boundary of the selected viewport in paper space. The program works with clipped and not-clipped viewports of any shape (including viewports clipped with circles, splines, ellipses, or untypical shapes).

  4. Update displayed extent in selected viewport according to the new location of the previously generated viewport boundary and moved in model space.

  5. Scale viewport with its inner view. Standard SCALE command only scales borders of the viewport.
  6. Turn on or off all viewports in all layouts

To learn how to use it, read the General Usage Instructions and see a video example. Free trial version available to download at www.autolisps.blogspot.com


バージョン 5.0.1, 2024/06/25
corrected dealing with viewports on the locked layers in the SCALEVIEWPORT command.


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  • Selected shapes in Model Space.
    Dat Phuc Vo | 8月 24, 2021

    Hi Andrzej Kalinowskithe program can select multi shapes or only 1 shape one-time ?

    Andrzej Kalinowski (公開元) | 12月 18, 2021

    from version 4.0 - multiple shapes

    Dat Phuc Vo | 6月 26, 2024

    Hi, for the Command: VIEWPORTFROMMODELSPACE, please add the option to choose multiple layouts at once.