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Cadgen Quick Label can be used to add formatted group and sequence number labels on block references in a drawing. Custom groups can be added, renamed, and deleted through the application control interface. Block references can be added to one or as many groups as required. A formatted sequence number indicating the block reference's order in the group is added to the group label.

Tools to add, insert, and remove block references in sequence from each group are available through the application interface as well.

In addition to adding group and sequence labels, custom named properties can be added to block references. For example, a property named 'Location' may be added, and through editor selection block references can be assigned with a user definable string to indicate the room number or level in a building in which the block resides. Other named property examples may indicate a model number, voltage or current characteristics. Utilities are available to toggle named property visibility as well.

A convenient customizable block palette is included. No proxy objects or custom entities are used in this application, and drawings edited with this utility can be shared and opened by others without any special software or add-in.

To import and export label and group data to and from Excel or CSV format, including unit lengths between grouped devices, please check out the Cadgen Data & Attribute Import Export Utility.

Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

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Wersja 1.18.4, 09.05.2018
AutoCAD 2015-2019 product compatibility.

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