This program is a set of Autolisp routines that inserts a Paper Sheet of selected dialog window size and scale. The user can choose from standard paper sizes used around the world as well as their own user-defined size.


The program offers an option to equip PaperSheet Block with a large title (to let it be easily spotted when the view is zoomed out) and Scale Info in the bottom corner. It is handy especially for making quick plots of a selected extent from model space. The user can select one of the predefined formats and scales or he can define his own desired parameters. The user can also choose to make the program find automatically the nearest matching predefined size, enclosing a drawn scope or selected objects.


The program includes a function that allows selecting Papersheet Block (or any rectangle) as a plot scope in the Plot Dialog Window (no need to scroll and pick points precisely).


To learn how to use read General Usage Instructions and see a video example. The free trial version is available to download at

Сведения об этой версии

Версия 7.0.1, 12.08.2022
Updated GET_AECBOSMODE and updated GET_DEGUNITS definition, fixed bug with 3D SNAPS, fixed bug with swapping dimensions in PAPERFORMATTOGGLE command for Blocks without margins.

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