Enhanced block info to/from worksheet

Enhanced block info to/from worksheet

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30 天免费试用版, 付费应用


  • This App can read, edit & write back Block attributes, fields, and custom properties of many blocks in multiple drawings, including complicated ones that contain Visibility states, Block Properties Tables, and Lookup tables

The batch editing process is made easy with the help of Excel® Autofill.

Best for:

  • Batch filling Title block attributes with the help of AUTOFILL.  With the latest version, the user can clone/copy Field codes between block instances or batch-filling attributes with raw text values.
  • Read and update device status with Multiple Visibility States dynamic blocks.

         The typical workflow is Export - Edit - Reimport.


For Multi-files processing, it's not necessary to open the drawing on-screen or manually select the Excel data range, just add files to the list, fill in parameters per file, and then export or import.

For active drawing processing, the drawing should be active, Data be exported to the Excel active cell, and the Excel data range should be pre-selected before import.

Exported /imported Information includes:

  • Block insertion point (X, Y, Z) & rotation angle (in radian)
  • Block attributes (Visibility state, Block properties table value set are supported) values
  • Block attributes' field code (if any)
  • Custom (Dynamic) Properties (Visibility state, Lookup table parameter, Block properties table value set are supported)

 What's new in this App

  • Unlike classic commands (ATTIN, ATTOUT), this app can extract coordinates and layout names which are useful for sorting block refs.
  • Unlike the new powerful DATA EXTRACTION command, this app can re-import values from worksheets to update existing drawing block refs. Also, exporting/importing procedures are minimized to save time.
  • The enhanced version now supports multi-file processing with jet speed (10x-20x times faster than the Free version).

 Typical working scenarios are:

  • Batch numbering, naming, resizing .... title block instances: By using attribute / dynamic blocks as a title block, users can export attributes (drawing number/ name/ title ...), and custom properties (paper size, visibility state...)   to Excel.   Editing attributes and/or custom properties... with the help of Excel Data Sort & Autofill feature.  Re-import those updated values and the nightmare manual work of typing sheet number, title, revision... is done with ease.
  • Rebuild the drawing list from the existing attribute block (used as drawing title block).
  • Update coordinate attributes of block references: Export block refs' positions, copy new coordinate values X Cad, Y Cad columns to attribute column; re-import from Excel to update.
  • Exported block coordinates can be used for inquiry Station- offset, use Station offset for further sorting/editing.
  • Read, and update electrical, hydraulic ... device status in a network.


1. This app cannot create new block references, just export - edit - reimport to update objects. Block reference objects are recognized by their Handle property (some kind of object ID in a specific drawing).

2. To create a new block from Excel data, users can try this App for free, unlimited time: Batch attribute block ref. creation from worksheet 

3. User can run this App with:

(a) A simple signing-in parent Autodesk® application with a valid Autodesk ID that did the purchase.  In this way, the user can run this App from any computer, provided that an internet connection is available; or

(b) An offline license file that is physical computer hardware dependent. After purchasing, please run this App, open the About... panel, and manually copy & send your registration info to the NTCL support email NTCLApp1@gmail.com. For more details, please refer to the License Registration Guide.  While waiting for an offline license file, this App still runs with full functions.

4. The 30-day Trial requires signing in parent Autodesk application with a valid Autodesk ID that did the download.  No offline license is provided for the Trial version.

5. For purchasing volume of 50 or more licenses, assuming that all PCs work in the same local domain network, a specific domain-based license may be distributed instead of an individual license if required and such a domain-based license is technically feasible.

6. Please uncheck the "Open drawing before importing" option to improve processing speed when using the App for the first time.

7. Users will get a message if this App package is launched from a virtual machine. The app launched from a virtual machine will be limited in features.


版本 2.1.0, 2024/7/16
Improvements: - Add an option that allows users to export/import attribute Field codes. Minor bugs fixed: - Fix a bug where the App cannot re-connect Excel if the Excel instance is closed after being opened by the App.


3 评论
  • Name
    Dragan Aleksic | 二月 22, 2024

    Is there a way to automatically name the dxf and dwg files from an Excel table.


    NTCL Main (发布者) | 二月 23, 2024

    Thank you for the review. Currently, App cannot rename drawing files. I have done a quick search on Google and Github. There is an application called "AdvancedRenamer" which is able to rename files from a CSV list of 2 columns oldName,newName

  • Awesome App
    Ranjit Singh | 十月 24, 2023 验证的下载 (这是什么?)

    This App has been a wonderful app to do my weekly job of compyling of any number of dwgs to single or multiple excel sheet, back and forth, fully transferable between both programs. App creator is very helpful and fixes the bugs in no time, if it needs a tweeks as well. Thank you NTCL for your help, using this app since Feb 2023.

    NTCL Main (发布者) | 十月 25, 2023

    Thank you for your comment. Also I am very grateful for your patience while helping me test and fix the bugs. Programming for AutoCAD dynamic block is really a challenge because of its super wide application that an individual developer cannot imagine. It was you, my customers, who helped me improve the App.

  • Powerful, huge time saver
    Dung Le Van | 二月 14, 2023 验证的下载 (这是什么?)

    Amazing simple solution for batch numbering, naming bunch of drawing title blocks.  It may be much better if online office (like Google Sheet) is supported.

    NTCL Main (发布者) | 二月 22, 2023

    Thank you for your review & suggestion.