VisualLive Augmented Reality

VisualLive Augmented Reality

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This plugin allows you to take your large BIM Models to iOS, Android, Microsoft® HoloLens1 and HoloLens2 for augmented reality. It pushes your model file to devices using cloud option or fully offline directly to the device

  • Generate Markers and QR codes automatically 
  • Import/Export Viewpoints
  • Export Autodesk® Navisworks® Sets
  • Extract Model Properties and metadata to visualize it on phone/tablet/HoloLens
  • Set up survey control points option in the model
  • Sync model schedules and progress tracking with augmented reality overlay in the field
  • Upload method: Cloud, direct to the device (offline), and custom FTP available

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Versione, 04/11/2020
Initial Release.

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  • Best AR thus far
    Rob Gregory | giugno 10, 2021

    This app is really easy to use and affordable.  A great combination with Navisworks.  They are currently teasing more features for their mobile app that look awesome.  Pay attention to this one!

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