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1-Clash Status Updater by eT.ools is an excellent tool for Autodesk® Navisworks® Manage to help BIM Managers of Lead Appointed Parties collect Approved and Reviewed clash statuses from the Appointed Parties and update the Clash Detective in their NWF files for clash resolution tracking over time.



  • NWD file with the Clash Detection included is shared by the Lead Appointed Party BIM Manager with the Appointed Parties' BIM Managers.
  • Each Appointed Party checks the clashes related to their disciplines within the Clash Tests and updates the clashes' status either to be Approved or Reviewed.
  • Lead Appointed Party BIM Manager collects the reviewed NWDs from each Appointed Party with the exported Clash Report results XML files ”All tests (separate)”
  • Lead Appointed Party BIM Manager updates the NWF Clash Detective with the latest clash checks by using the Clash Status Updater tool.
  • The workflow is repeated with every shared NWC by the Appointed Parties.



  • Import the XML files of the Clash Report results in bulk.
  • The imported clash tests with the clash names and statuses are displayed in the tool's window.
  • Update the clash statuses to Approved and/ or Reviewed in bulk in the Clash Detective as per the imported XML files.



  • Save time updating the clashes Status one by one.
  • Remove human error.
  • Provide a successful workflow to track clash resolution over time.


2-Attributes Creator Pro by eT.ools is an excellent tool for Navisworks Manage that will give users the capability to better classify items, by concatenating an identifier parameter value from one item with other parameter values and its descendants items under a unique User Data tab.



  • The user selects items.
  • The user gets the available categories and properties of the items.
  • The user defines the criteria of concatenation and sets a separator, the option of incrementing attributes is available too.
  • The user sets the attributes to the selected items.
  • All added properties and attributes will be created under the category/ tab eT.ools.
  • The user can delete eT.ools tabs in bulk too.
  • The user can export the selected items from the main window to CSV.
  • The user can export and import configuration to XML in case new NWCs override the old eT.ools category properties and attributes.



  • Select items and Launch the plugin.
  • Set Properties in the Get Properties windows.
  • Define concatenation criteria in the Define Criteria window.
  • Create the category eT.ools, properties, and values by pressing the Set Items Attributes button.
  • Delete all eT.ools categories for all selected items.
  • Export to CSV.
  • Export settings to XML.
  • Import XML setting to recreate the category eT.ools, properties, and values.



  • Better classification of items, especially Autodesk® Revit® nested links.
  • Provides unique identifiers of elements by adding incremented attributes for the selected items.
  • NWFs can be used for post-production information extraction.


バージョン 1.0.0, 2024/05/06
Clash Status Updater and Attributes Creator Pro under one ribbon in Manage for a better software interface. Clash Status Updater: Grouped Clashes are supported. Clash Status Updater: Any status of clash is supported.


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  • Keep parent group names ?
    Pieter Van de Weerd | 5月 23, 2024 確認済みダウンロード (これは何ですか?)

    Hi, great app and does what is says but what I'm still missing is that this app currently only updates the clash status itself. Is it also possible to update the group under which the clash is stored. Example: The reviewer is changing clash statusses but also moves the clashes from one group to another. Currently when importing the exported XML, the app can read the clash and the group which it is under but only changes the status when updating and not the group name.