ProtoTech's GLTF Exporter for Navisworks®

ProtoTech's GLTF Exporter for Navisworks®

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"GLTF Exporter for Autodesk® Navisworks® " exports Revit solid bodies to a GLTF / GLB file.

This file format is open and has been adopted by other 3D graphics application vendors.


ProtoTech converter's outstanding features:


Some more features: 

  1. glTF format 2.0 supported.
  2. GLB Support.
  3. Users can control the visibility of nodes.
  4. Material are supported.
  5. Face level transparency.
  6. Default compression helps reduce the file size as much as possible.
  7. Supports Swap/Flip Axis feature.
  8. Supports export unit feature.
  9. Reset functionality supported.
  10. Added preview images.

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Paid Version:

  1. This is a paid version. You will receive an activation key automatically via. email as soon as you purchase this product.
  2. The paid version of this product is a subscription-based single machine-locked license.
  3. We also provide a floating license that costs 399 USD. Users can buy the floating license here
  4. The automation license costs 399 USD.
  5. For any queries regarding license/activation, please feel free to contact
  6. For Licensing and more information about the product please click here

Want to try out ProtoTech's plugin?

When you install the plugin for the first time, the free trial version is automatically activated. So, what do you get in the trial?

  1. 15 exports for 7 days.
  2. Access to the full set of features.

You can download the trial version from here.
Note: You will need to activate the paid version of the plugin after a 15 trial / 7-days trial period.

Сведения об этой версии

Версия 5.0.22098.3391, 13.09.2023
1. glTF format 2.0 supported 2. GLB Support 3. Export Hidden feature 4. Reset feature 5. Preview image 6. Crash Reporter

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