Fuzor Mobile VDC


Fuzor VDC mobile is a construction app for site staff to review the construction progress. It provides the construction methodologies, and method statements as well as marking the project progress of construction activities to the 4D BIM model with different percentages of completion. In addition, it extends the project management capabilities from the office to the job site. 


Fuzor VDC mobile benefits:

  1. Connect your site staff to collaborate with the office team real-time
  2. Improve your site staff’s efficiency and safety to carry out the construction and installation procedures
  3. Keep track of the project progress and react fast to any changes
  4. Apply digitalization to the field to improve productivity, quality, safety and avoid delay

Autodesk® BIM 360® Integration allows:

  1. Two-way data synchronization between Fuzor VDC desktop version and mobile app with BIM 360
  2. Better management of the project progress data in a centralized platform 
  3. Project data and file storage, the Fuzor mobile file (fzm)  


  1. 4D construction sequence animation playback
  2. Construction schedule review and planning
  3. Installation sequence review with construction vehicle animation
  4. Apply project progress to a 4D model with different colors indicating different percentages of completion
  5. Update actual start and end date of activities
  6. Progress sync back to Fuzor VDC PC version
  7. Measurement tools
  8. Section cut tools
  9. Mark up tools
  10. Saved viewpoints
  11. Visibility to hide and show models
  12. QR code to locate model quickly

Сведения об этой версии

Версия 1.00, 23.11.2022
Initial mobile release

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    Geom Onaxis | октября 10, 2023

    Will try this app.