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Naviate Cloud Manager (Formerly BIMrx Cloud Manager) saves time while managing Autodesk Construction Cloud® (ACC) and Autodesk® BIM 360® so you can focus on high-value tasks like digital transformation and sustainability. The tasks of managing multiple projects simultaneously are streamlined, including project creation, and member management. Additionally, you can automate exporting PDF/NWC/DWG from Autodesk® Revit®, publishing cloud Revit models, file uploads, and archive snapshot backups or download syncs by scheduling these tasks for multiple projects in bulk. 

Naviate Cloud Manager allows BIM 360 and ACC Administrators to quickly and easily perform many time-consuming and repetitive tasks more efferently: 


  • Securely connect to ACC/BIM 360 Projects on multiple hubs with your Autodesk user account
  • Create multiple BIM 360 projects simultaneously
  • Accelerate adding multiple users to multiple projects
  • Manage users' companies and roles across multiple projects
  • Add groups of users faster by easily filtering the hub member list by e-mail domains or current projects 
  • Copy template project folder structures with files to multiple projects at the same time
  • Automate publishing multiple cloud Revit models 
  • Automate exporting PDF/NWC/DWG from multiple Revit models
  • Automate uploading & downloading on a schedule
  • Intelligently sync local folders and files to/from ACC/BIM 360
  • Multiple project uploads & downloads to/from your network and ACC/BIM 360 hubs with granular control


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

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Версия, 07.03.2023
Naviate Cloud Manager 2.10.5 new features: 1. Contextual Help makes it easy to learn the application because excellent documentation of the specific features you're currently working with are always just 2 clicks away. 2. Introduction of new proprietary cloud-based, APIs a. Future platform for all new Cloud Manager features and functionality. b. Improves performance, security, and management of internal processes. 3. Add Hub Members In bulk and set default company and role can be performed by Project and Account Admins. 4. Manage multiple Hub Members default Company in bulk. 5. New project filter in Member Management Module makes it easy to select members from a specific project and then assign them to one or more additional projects. a. Quickly select groups or teams of users and add them to multiple projects efficiently. 6. Filter Hub Members by Role 7. Filter Project Members by Role 8. Filter Project Members by E-mail Domain 9. Plus More... Refer to New Features for more new additions to Naviate Cloud Manager.

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  • A Real Timesaver!!
    Richard Brayshaw | марта 23, 2023

    We have multiple deployments, speeding up project and user setup project-by-project and across hubs.