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Intelliwave Technologies' SiteSense® products are global and award-winning Web and Mobile-based software solutions for the identification and tracking of construction materials, equipment, and tools on all sizes of industrial, infrastructure, and building projects. When barcode, RFID, and GPS sensors are utilized with the SiteSense® software solutions, enhanced item identification tracking automation delivers unprecedented visibility resulting in predictable construction schedules and costs.


With the help of this app, Autodesk® Navisworks® users are able to view SiteSense part data directly in their Navisworks model. SiteSense data is propagated to Navisworks as a set of user properties. SiteSense/Navisworks Sync can also dynamically colour the Navisworks model based on each part's progress in SiteSense.


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer). 

Описание пробной версии

When using this app to sync with SiteSense data, the user will need to provide the following 4 parameters:

  1. Active SiteSense Account
  2. SiteSense Stage (UAT / PROD)
  3. SiteSense Project ID
  4. SiteSense API Key 


Please contact to acquire access to the SiteSense platform, including the parameters listed above. You can expect an initial response within 1 business day. 


In the meantime, you are able to use the "Trial Sync" functionality which does not require any of these parameters. The Trial Sync will populate your model with sample SiteSense data. It is not intended for use in a production environment. The Trial Sync functionality can be used immediately upon installing the app to Navisworks. This functionality does not expire and can be used indefinitely.

Сведения об этой версии

Версия 1.1.3, 29.04.2022
Support for Navisworks 2023.

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