Dockweiler Company Pipe & Fittings Content 2025

Dockweiler Company Pipe & Fittings Content 2025

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This catalog includes more than 500+ Fittings like Pipe, Elbow, Tee, Reducer, Clamps, unions and flanges along with bolt and gaskets for the food and chemical industries. These fittings dimensions are as per Dockweiler Standard.


Below mentioned fittings are added based on the various Compatible Dockweiler standards. These are Highly customization components with custom Python scripts.


1.    Tubes as per DIN 11866 series A, B, C

2.    Fittings like Elbow, Tee, Reducer and Bend as per DIN 11865

3.    Union components as per DIN 11864-1 & DIN 11851

4.    Flanges along with gasket and bolts as per DIN 11864-2

5.    Clamp connections as per DIN 11864-3, ASME BPE and DIN 32676

Please download the PDF for More Information using the link:

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