Creating of Audio/Video/Broadcasting Schemes

Creating of Audio/Video/Broadcasting Schemes

AADB Software
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AADB is a pack of plugins for a CAD software to create Audio/Video/Radio/OB Vans/Extra Low Voltage Systems/Data Networks schemes.


Main goal of AADB is automation of Engineering Design processes on all stages of creating a project documentation.


AADB accelerates processes of creating commutation schemes, marking cable lines, positioning devices into racks and generating cable journal and engineering specifications.


AADB can help you to minimize errors, connected to human factor.


AADB is integrated into CAD-program environment to use all its tools simultaneously with AADB tools to solve specific designing tasks.

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Version 1.1.7, 04.12.2017
1) New system of marking the cables now contains two stages: a) Marking the cables with MarkCables plugin. b) Getting CableList with MarkCablesReport plugin. Just choose folder and name for the list. c) New view of CableList All info about cables is inside marks. So, to remark the line just remove marks first from both sides of polyline, Then just MarkCables to this line. 2) GetEngSpec a) New view of Specification. b) Now it also searches depths of panels. 3) CreatePatch/CreateTerm/FillRack Now you can set your own depths of panels and see the result in rack

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