CPak BS 4825 Fittings Content Pack 2024

CPak BS 4825 Fittings Content Pack 2024



BS 4825 catalog includes SS tubes and fittings for the food industry and other hygienic applications. Below mentioned fittings are added based on the various standard. These are Highly customization components with custom Python scripts.

  1. Tubes as per BS 4825-1
  2. Elbow & Tee as per 4825-2
  3. Clamp-type couplings as per 4825-3 along with gasket and Clamp
  4. Threaded IDF couplings as per 4825-4 along with gasket and round and Hexagon nut
  5. Recessed ring joint type couplings as per 4825-5 along with a gasket and Hexagon nut

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Version 2023.0.0, 21.09.2023
Initial release

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  • waiting for long time
    al r | September 03, 2023

    all the pipes and fittings baesd on BS 4825.

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