This handy clipboard app can be used to add or modify existing text or annotation in your Autodesk® AutoCAD® drawings from anywhere. It will pay for itself on first use. The learning curve is less than five minutes. Simply clip all the text you need from your favourite applications (such as spreadsheet or browser) and put it in your AutoCAD drawing one line at a time quickly and error-free with ‘point and pick’. Completely flexible and full featured with undo, view and even clipping from your AutoCAD drawing to another AutoCAD drawing or back to your favourite application. Supports single or multiline text, block attributes, leaders, multi-leaders, dimensions and tables. Use in all disciplines and AutoCAD verticals. Excellent for serial numbers, product codes, people names, specification text, phone numbers, foreign language or even standard paragraph notes. A ‘must have’ for any AutoCAD user putting text or annotation on their drawings.

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Version 2.0.0, 27.10.2016
Third release to Autodesk App Store. Updated to floating user interface, minor bug fix and a few finesse items. Updated to AutoCAD 2017.

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  • Amazing App, Great Time saver
    Josh Southgate | Dezember 28, 2017

    I use this everyday, and finding new uses as I go... I would love a timeline on 2018 update since it no longer works for me shortly after purchasing.

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