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Spears Content Pack

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This content pack originally contains compatible Spears Sch 40 Pipes and Fittings catalog, Spears Sch 80 Pipes and Fittings catalog, Spears valves catalog and Spears DWV catalog.


The details of these catalogs are as below.


1. “Spears Sch 40 Pipes and Fittings catalog.pcat”- Spears Sch 40 Piping and Fitting components,

Materials available: PCV, CPVC 

2. “Spears Sch 80 Pipes and Fittings catalog.pcat”- Spears Sch 80 Piping and Fitting components,

Materials available: PCV, CPVC 

3. “Spears valves catalog.pcat”- Spears valves (50 -235) psi,

Materials available: PVC, CPVC, Poly-pro, PVC clear

Types of valves: Check, Lab, Gate, Diaphragm, Y-pattern, Y-check, Ind. Swing check, Globe, Butterfly, Plug Gate, Butterfly check, Needle, TU Ball, 3-way, Ball check, Single entry, Compact & Utility.

4.  “Spears DWV catalog.pcat”- Spears DWV sch 40 components,

Materials and types available:  Poly (Vinyl Chloride) (PVC) Plastic Drain, Schedule 40 Drainage, Waste and Vent Fittings.

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Version, 16.04.2019
Update 2017 & higher release

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  • Some items are missing
    Ibrahim Emad | März 13, 2016 Geprüfter Download (Was ist das?)

    the Cataloge Don't Contain Fasteners , Stub Ends separate flanges , fasteners and Gaskets

  • Engagement Lenghts
    Andre Desouza | Juli 28, 2015 Geprüfter Download (Was ist das?)

    Folks. The engagement lengths for conc. reducers are longer than the sockets for some instances (quite a few actually).. For some reason it works in imperial template.. but there will be gaps between pipe and fittings if you use them in a metric spec. This is also true for 2015. Other parts may also be affected as I didn't check them all. Another confusing thing. If you already have the 2015 version when 2016 installs it will create a file named: Spears Sch80 Pipes and Fittings Catalog.pcat But the 2015 version, which will be in the same directory is named: Spears_Sch_80_Pipes_and_Fittings_Catalog.pcat After installed looking at date modified/date created in my desktop... 2015 will be the earliest version as I modified the catalog.. and looking at date created both catalogs will show creation date as 10/2/213. So it is hard to distinguish one from the other. I hope this helps. Andre

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