DWG Compressor Pro

DWG Compressor Pro



For CAD managers and power users:

As a CAD manager, you're likely aware of the immense value of having CAD files that are native, error-free, and high fidelity.

DWG Compressor Pro takes your .dwg files and restructures their database while efficiently and safely removing any extraneous data.


Here are the key benefits:

Data Integrity Assurance: Keep your data intact while enjoying significantly improved  Autodesk® AutoCAD® performance.

Error-Free Drawings: Obtain native, pristine drawings without the need for manual purging.

Reduced File Sizes: This can decrease your file sizes significantly, making them easy to share and store.

Multi-Thread Processing: Compress all XReference DWG files simultaneously, enhancing your productivity.


Every member of your organization can effortlessly load any DWG file and use the application on the primary drawing along with all its linked XREF files. This results in better workflow efficiency, storage savings, and enhanced collaboration.

Get DWG Compressor Pro with a one-time payment.

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Version, 08.05.2024
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  • No 2025 version?
    Luiz Eduardo | April 08, 2024

    Hello guys! Ay plans to update thenplugin for 2025 versions? Thanks!

  • this app is great time saver
    Avihai Goldberg | Februar 20, 2024

    its really cool, espcialy that its also compresses all attached xrefs, Thanks!

  • Incredibly Effective.
    Noman Abdullah | November 28, 2023

    I've found this product to be incredibly effective, elevating my productivity to a new level. It has streamlined simple tasks that used to be time-consuming for me.

  • very nice product very helpful to my productivity
    Daljit Singh | Juli 31, 2023

    hi this is realy very helpful product  my productivity is improved with it ,, before this my so many time to consume just do the simple task .. thanks  


  • Great app
    sanjana kasliwal | Juli 30, 2023

    It saves a lot of time and autocad runs much faster.

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