CaManSys P3d Nw Link - Trial

CaManSys P3d Nw Link - Trial

Matt Klassen Consulting Inc.

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CaManSys P3d Nw Link creates a table in the project database that provides a link allowing views to be created in the database and referenced directly by Navisworks through its Data Tools feature.

Trial Version is valid for 45 days


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer). 

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Version 2.5.0, 25.05.2016
Added SQL Editor Pane. Added Check for updates. Application is digitally signed. New Wizard New Project Configuration functionality. Evaluation version is no longer limited to one project Add-in. Enabled/Disabled status now visible on the add-ins tab Installer allows add-in to be configured for either network, or stand-alone environment Installer requires add-in to be licensed at end of installation process. Registration Window updated to be more informative. (Leave license key field blank for evaluation key, or enter a license key, and click activate to activate)


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