License Statistics

License Statistics



Software license management should be an integral part of each company’s business strategy and software monitoring tools such as License Statistics should be used by organizations to help them understand how their software licenses are being used.

License Statistics lets you track and report software license usage in real-time or through log importation – empowering you and your company to move faster, reduce software costs, and get more done. With its intuitive user interface, rock-solid stability and support for more than 20 license managers, it will give you full control over your IT assets.

License Statistics is designed to be easy to use by everyone. A few minutes is all it takes to get it up and running. It doesn't require 3rd party software to run. You can monitor and gather statistics for license usage in real-time or import existing data. License Statistics reports target the usage details you need to stay on top of, including Current Users, Usage Per Feature, Usage Per User, Realtime Utilization, Expiring Features, and many others.



After downloading 30-day trial version, you'll get full access to real-time monitoring of your licenses and to our technical support. Data import functions are limited.


You view all the license usage data for your monitored applications from a browser, so you can easily access your information anytime, anywhere. License Statistics automatically generates, updates and refreshes the web pages to ensure you’re always seeing the latest statistics.

Install License Statistics on your favourite OS: Linux or Windows.

PLEASE NOTE: after downloading the trial version your temporary login is Admin and password is Admin

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