Content Pack For GF Piping Systems - SYGEF Std

Content Pack For GF Piping Systems - SYGEF Std



The PVDF system with individually packaged products is a reliable solution for challenging chemical and water applications. A wide range of fusion jointing technologies is available for every application. All SYGEF Standard components are distinguished by their outstanding chemical resistance to a variety of aggressive media and excellent temperature resistance up to 140°C. Thanks to the use of selected raw materials made from fluoropolymers, these products can also be used in harsh conditions, such as corrosive environments or strong sunlight. System components are quickly and securely connected by socket, butt, infrared or bead and crevice-free welding.


Main Applications:


• Water Treatment (WT)

• Energy

• Chemical Process Industry (CPI)


Main Advantages:


• UV and weather resistance

• Various welding connection technologies possible

• Excellent flame retardancy

• Excellent resistance


This content pack consists of PVDF pipes, fittings and valves from GF Piping Systems. The package offers metric and inch products and in total there are 4 catalogue files:






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Version 1.0.1, 14.09.2023
Initial release

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  • Great catalog !
    Adrianna Tkaczyk | September 27, 2023


    Great selection of products!

    Excellent catalog as usual, thank you for your work.


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