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OrthoGen® is a software program that streamlines projects by automating orthographic drawing production by eliminating repetitive tasks, pin-pointing plant objects and locations, protecting data integrity, sharing drawings and data, and producing fast-consistent design drawings. Automatic drawings generated from 3D models are created in a fraction of the time previously spent, and they accurately and consistently reflect model conditions.


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).  

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Versión, 03/05/2021
OrthoGen 20 now supports Plant 3D 2022. Updated help and Japanese language support.

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  • Video
    Ajay Guy | julio 16, 2021 Descarga verificada (¿Qué es esto?)

    OrthoGen already upgraded to the latest version 20 but the video still using orthogen 10. Kindly update the video too and show how it works and what is new in version 20.

    Jeff Holmes (Editor) | julio 23, 2021

    Thank you for calling this to our attention. We will replace this video with an updated one soon.

  • 2D Drawing Automation
    Jin Lee | junio 24, 2020

    No need to spend man hours to draw 2D drawings.

  • 2D Drawing Automation
    Jin Lee | junio 24, 2020

    No need to spend manhours to draw 2D drawings.

    Now, Orthogen will do it.

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