RPS Composites FRP Pipe and Fittings Content Pack

RPS Composites FRP Pipe and Fittings Content Pack

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This content pack contains four RPS Composites Autodesk® AutoCAD® Plant 3D Spec files. They are offered here to assist with the specification of FRP pipe and fittings, enabling end-users to have a much more accurate representation of FRP piping instead of modelling in steel or some other stock library. 


P-150 Belled Parts (our corrosion-resistant line with the broadest application)

P-150 Plain Parts

A-150 Belled Parts (our abrasion- and corrosion-resistant line)

A-150 Plain Parts


Please note, files for our H-150 high-temperature corrosion-resistant line are not specifically available here, however, as our A-150, P-150, and H-150 belled and plain parts have the same dimensions, the files are interchangeable. At the moment the library only has P-150 and A-150, which are identical except in the BOM the name “A-150” will appear if you use the A-150 library, and “P-150” will appear if you use the P-150 library.


You might also want to access our RPS Design Manual, available here. (please link to https://rpscomposites.com/company-literature/) 

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