British Standard (10365) Structural Steel Sections

British Standard (10365) Structural Steel Sections

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In this Structural catalog file below mention Structural Steel Sections are added based on the Different BS EN Standard.


Section as per BS EN 10365 Standard

·         Parallel flange I sections IPE

·         Wide flange beams HE

·         Extra wide flange beams HL and HLZ

·         Wide flange columns HD

·         Wide flange bearing piles HP

·         Wide flange bearing piles UBP

·         Universal beams UB

·         Universal columns UC

·         Taper flange I sections IPN

·         Taper flange I sections J

·         Parallel flange channels UPE

·         Parallel flange channels PFC

·         Taper flange channels UPN

·         Taper flange channels U

·         Taper flange channels CH

Section as per BS EN 10210-2 Standard

·         Circular hollow section

·         Square hollow section

·         Rectangle hollow section

Section as per BS EN 10056-1 Standard

  • Unequal leg angle
  • Equal leg angles

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  • Supereb
    Renu Kumari | września 25, 2023

    all the members are as per standard

  • Great Overall
    Reece Philip | sierpnia 16, 2023

    I was excited when i saw this package. It is useful however I believe there is a mistake in some of the dimensions. At least when it comes to the UC's, the radius of the flange-web is shown a lot bigger than it should be according the standards i've seen.

  • Save time
    Allwin Raj | czerwca 07, 2023

    Save lot of time

  • Great App
    al r | listopada 29, 2021

    Great App

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