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PlantExpressTools were created to capture high-value one-off functions that do not fit into any of the other PlantTools. Import/Export/Copy Selection Lists, Rename/Copy Project, Coordinates function, Export/Import symbol and class properties, Update Tags/Acquisition rules and Managing Assemblies, From/To-Update for creating meaningful line lists.


Import/Export/Copy Selection Lists:

Autodesk® did a good job with the configurability of Autodesk® AutoCAD® P&ID and Autodesk® AutoCAD® Plant 3D. However, managing the content of project selection lists can be time consuming and frustrating. Our utility allows users to import, edit, and export selection lists from XLS/CSV files. In addition, selection lists can be copied between P&ID and Plant 3D. The Import/Export/Copy Selection Lists function reduces time for list administration to a fraction of what it is without it.

This is 14-day trial period application.


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

Opis wersji testowej

The trial version is limited to 14 days. There are no functional limitations.

Informacje na temat tej wersji

Wersja, 29.08.2023
- New: Implemented locking mechanism to avoid multiple users editing PlantTools settings (PT-2302) - New: Implementing a File and Folder Watcher for PlantTools configuration files to check which PlantTools files must still be downloaded for Collaboration projects (PT-2411) - New: Added File and Folder watcher to invalidate cached settings when settings files are changing (PT-2423) - New: Adapted Project Setup and Selection List import function for Collaboration Projects (PT-2364) - New: Adapted Coordinate Function for Collaboration Projects (PT-2454) - New: Adapted Selection List Function for Collaboration Projects (PT-2463) - New: Adapted Tag Update Function for Collaboration Projects (PT-2455) - New: Adapted Acquisition Update Function for Collaboration Projects (PT-2456) - New: Adapted List Function for Collaboration Projects (PT-2445) - New: Adapted of SymbolsPalette for Collaboration Projects (PT-2347) - New: Adapted Assembly function for Collaboration Projects (PT-2344) - New: Adapted Calculation function for Collaboration Projects (PT-2389) - New: Adapted Assign Tag function for Collaboration Projects (PT-2404) - New: Adapted PropertiesPalette for Collaboration Projects (PT-2405) - New: Warning dialog when drawings are Read-Only or not Checked Out (PT-2491) - New: New Edit Mode for SymbolsPalette (PT-2355) - New: Use user-defined Display Name when in Class Display Name or Symbol Name mode (PT-2317) - New: Remove 'Symbol Category Location', Display Name, and GraphicalStyleName option from 'Symbols' tab in PET Settings (PT-2349) - New: Toggle button to switch between User-Defined Display Name and Class/Symbol name (PT-2318) - New: File Explorer shows a new node 'AutoCAD-Application' to make it easier to select a DWT file (PT-2438) - New: Improved numbering for new drawings in PlantProjectManager when using Collaboration projects (PT-2431) - New: Adding Import button to add calc files to the CalculationConfiguration.Collection.xml (PT-2435) - New: Adding Import button to add lgdcf files to the LegendConfiguration.Collection.xml (PT-2436) - New: Adding Import button to add slcf files to the SelectionListSettings.Collection.xml (PT-2437) - New: Folder Properties dialog isn't implemented (PT-2507) - Change: Refresh button to remove calc files not listed in CalculationConfiguration.Collection.xml (PT-2427) - Change: Refresh button to remove lgdcf files not listed in LegendConfiguration.Collection.xml (PT-2428) - Change: Refresh button to remove slcf files not listed in SelectionListSettings.Collection.xml (PT-2429) - Change: Moved Coordinate settings from local PlantExpressTools.xml to the project (PT-2475) - Change: Extent refresh button function to reload all SymbolsPalette files (PT-2360) - Change: Moved ShowClassTypeSymbol and ShowCustomClasses from SymbolsPaletteState.xml into local PlantExpressTools.xml (PT-2354) - Bug fix: When clicking Cancel in Dialog #00448 the dialog to update the connected line segments appears anyway (PT-2471) - Bug fix: SelectionListSettings.Collection.xml isn't written when closing the dialog (PT-2468) - Bug fix: Cannot create a second Selection List configuration which results in the same file name (PT-2469) - Bug fix: Selecting a project DCF file results in an error (PT-2470) - Bug fix: The order of Symbols was not considering the sorting order when selecting a class name (PT-2447) - Bug fix: The order of properties in the PlantExpressTools and PlantDataManager PropertiesPalette gets ignored (PT-2379) - Bug fix: Opening a drawing with PlantProjectManager when using Collaboration Projects doesn't open the drawing (PT-2407) - Bug fix: Creating a new drawing in PlantProjectManager doesn't use the set path of defined DWT file (PT-2430) - Bug fix: Stretching of Line Segments in Assemblies causes flow arrows and line segments to jump around (PT-2167) - Bug fix: Message 'Bolt database xxx is not valid' appears when there are just missing bolt parts (PT-2263) - And more...

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  • Essential for BIM 360
    Shaun Clough | stycznia 04, 2021 Sprawdzone pobranie (Co to jest?)

    If you plan to use BIM 360 with your Plant 3D P&ID projects this is a must have!  Allows seamless sharing of your P&ID tool palettes, something that Plant 3D does not support ootb.

  • My Favorite Plugin for P&ID
    Craig Wood | września 10, 2015

    This utility is by far the best one currently available for AutoCAD P&ID. There are several time-saving batch commands like "Re-Assign Tags", "Update Acquisitions", "Update Line Annotations", and others that I use nearly every day. As an added bonus, the "Coordinates" and "Assemblies" commands open up whole new possibilities to manage your data based on their spatial position within your drawing. The developer of this utility has a real passion for P&IDs, automation, and is always very quick to respond to reasonable end-user requests. All in all it is my single favorite and most used utility for AutoCAD P&ID.

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