Hershey Valves Catalog - Metric


Hershey Valves Catalog - Metric.pcat

This Content Pack contains metric version (metric NPD and metric dimension) for Valves of Hershey Valve manufacturer.

  • All Valve and Actuator components are parametric primitives.
  • Engagement lengths and Flanges dimensions are according to the vendor catalog.
  • All items have their product codes are entered with “Material code” field.


Hershey Valves Catalog - Thermoplastic Valves


Catalog components include:

  • VP-310/320/330/340  -  Economy Single Union Ball Valve
  • VP-360/370     - Two-piece Ball Valve
  • VP-420/430    - Economy Swing Check (Foot) Valve
  • VP-440            - True Union Ball Check Valve
  • VP-450            -  Swing Check Valve
  • VP-460/470    - Ball Check (Foot) Valve
  • VP-480/490   - Spring Check (Foot) Valve
  • VP-620           - Single Union Ball Valve
  • VP-640           - Double Union Ball Valve
  • VP-640           - Double Union Ball Valve (N1 Handle)
  • VP-680/690  - Pneumatic/Electric Actuator Double Union Ball Valve
  • VP-710          - Diaphragm Valve (Flange)
  • VP-720          - Diaphragm Valve (Spigot, Union, Socket, Thread)
  • VP-800          - Butterfly Valve (Handle Type)
  • VP-820          - Butterfly Valve (Gear Box)
  • VP-830          - Pneumatic Actuator Butterfly Valve
  • VP-840          - Electric Actuator Butterfly Valve
  • VP-900/910  - Compact Ball Valve  


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