TotalLength +


TotalLength+ is an extended version of the free Autodesk® AutoCAD® plug-in TotalLength. It is an Autolisp script calculating the total length/area of multiple objects of user-selected type(s).

Additional features in TotalLength+:

  • Calculates not only lengths but also areas.
  • A possibility to select all objects with 'Length' or 'Arc length' property for the TotalLength calculation or all objects with 'Area' property for the TotalArea calculation.
  • A possibility to insert associative labels with the lengths/areas of the selected objects. The labels are updated automatically when the corresponding geometry is modified.
  • A possibility specification tables to be inserted in the drawing.


TotalLength+ is an universal plug-in and can be used in any field of design where such calculations are needed - for the total length/area of walls, rooms, fences, cables, pipes, pavements, etc. The dialog box makes the app intuitive to work with, so there will be no need to spend a lot of time studying it.

Сведения об этой версии

Версия 2.0.0, 26.05.2022
Added 2023 support (No change in version number).

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  • Super helpfull App!
    Emil Bashev | ноября 03, 2021 Проверенная загрузка (Что это такое?)

    I've been using TotalLenght for free for a long time. I bought TotalLenght+ to say "Thank you" to Antonia for continuing to make useful programs for us;)

    I'm glad it also calculates the areas now!

  • Add length/area by layer
    Jayson E | января 28, 2021

    I concur with the above comment. Adding which layer the Line/Polyline is on would help itemize the quantities quickly.

    Also, could you add an Area summation? Some of our quantities are in terms of area. (maybe add to the List/Table if the polyline closes)

    Antonia Petrova (Разработчик) | ноября 01, 2021

    Better late than never :) In the last version of TotalLength+ a new TotalArea command is added as well as a couple of additional specification tables - by layer and by color

  • length by layer
    Xulio Twentiy | октября 17, 2016

    Would intereasting that could measure lengths by layer selecting an object of this layer. Good aplication