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PlantExpressTools were created to capture high value one-off functions that do not fit into any of the other PlantTools. Import/Export/Copy Selection Lists, Rename/Copy Project, Coordinates function, Export/Import symbol and class properties, Update Tags/Acquisition rules and Managing Assemblies, From/To-Update for creating meaningful line lists.


Import/Export/Copy Selection Lists:


Autodesk® did a good job with the configurability of Autodesk® AutoCAD® P&ID and Autodesk® AutoCAD® Plant 3D. However, managing the content of project selection lists can be time consuming and frustrating. Our utility allows users to import, edit, and export selection lists from XLS/CSV files. In addition, selection lists can be copied between P&ID and Plant 3D. The Import/Export/Copy Selection Lists function reduces time for list administration to a fraction of what it is without it.


Rename/Copy Project:


Once a project is set up, attempting to rename or copy the project is very difficult without PlantExpressTools’ Rename/Copy Project function. A project configuration has the project name and location embedded into its configuration files. Rename/Copy Project makes renaming and copying projects simple. Using an intuitive dialog, Rename/Copy Project rewrites the embedded information creating a ready for production new project or renaming an existing project.


P&ID and Plant 3D enable users to create new projects based on existing projects without copying existing drawings, models, or data from the source project. Using Rename/Copy Project to copy a project will copy the entire project to a new project, where it can then be renamed and reused to begin a new project without losing any data or connectivity.


Coordinates function:


With the Coordinates function in PlantExpressTools, users can add additional data properties to each symbol that carries a configurable grid location. These grid location values can be used in reports and make it easier to locate each object on its drawing during project team meetings or discussions.


Update Tags/Acquisition rules:


P&ID and Plant 3D don’t always update Tags and acquisition rules properly. With PlantExpressTools you can update tags and acquisitions within your drawing or the whole project by the click of a button.




P&ID doesn’t know any assemblies. PlantExpressTools allow you to handle them. You just draw a Polyline around you assembly to define what your assembly contains. If your assembly has a Tag or other data, the objects within your assembly can acquire these data.


Export/Import symbol and class properties:


Everyone who ever wanted to change the layer of the symbols in ProjectSetup knows what tedious job that is. With the Export/Import feature you can export the symbol as well as the class properties to a csv file, modify the values there and import it back. Configuration was never easier.


From/To-Update finally delivers sensible From and To values for Line Segments as well as LineGroups so you can create meaningful line lists. 


Anyone who has worked with P&ID or Plant 3D will immediately recognize the power of PlantExpressTools.


This is 30 days Trial version.

Note:  This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer). 

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Версия, 24.08.2020
New: Expand/Collaps in context menu of PlantProjectManager tree(PT-688) Change: Considering Blind Disk, Orifice Plate, Space Disk and Spectacle Blind for Bolt Calculation (PT-723) Change: Performance issue when using MS Access DB in PlantProjectSetup for Selection List Project Properties (PT-543) Change: Slow performance when showing DWG properties in PlantProjectManager (PT-588) Change: Slow Performance with PlantProjectManager for SQL Server project in a real network environment (PT-440) Change: Changing TimeStamp Format and ProjectType Content in ACProject.db-->ReportRevision table (PT-699) Bug fix: Bolt Calculation doesn't work when flanged objects use different units (MM and INCH) (PT-718) Bug fix: Order of Fasteners in DefaultConnectorsConfig.xml can cause problems for the Bolt Calculation Bug fix: When entering a value in a selection list property in PET Properties Palette, the control loses focus after when typing in the first character (PT-724) Bug fix: Cannot change acquisition mode in PET Properties Palette (PT-725)

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  • My Favorite Plugin for P&ID
    Craig Wood | сентября 10, 2015

    This utility is by far the best one currently available for AutoCAD P&ID. There are several time-saving batch commands like "Re-Assign Tags", "Update Acquisitions", "Update Line Annotations", and others that I use nearly every day. As an added bonus, the "Coordinates" and "Assemblies" commands open up whole new possibilities to manage your data based on their spatial position within your drawing. The developer of this utility has a real passion for P&IDs, automation, and is always very quick to respond to reasonable end-user requests. All in all it is my single favorite and most used utility for AutoCAD P&ID.