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PlantExpressTools were created to capture high-value one-off functions that do not fit into any of the other PlantTools. Import/Export/Copy Selection Lists, Rename/Copy Project, Coordinates function, Export/Import symbol and class properties, Update Tags/Acquisition rules and Managing Assemblies, From/To-Update for creating meaningful line lists.


Import/Export/Copy Selection Lists:

Autodesk® did a good job with the configurability of Autodesk® AutoCAD® P&ID and Autodesk® AutoCAD® Plant 3D. However, managing the content of project selection lists can be time consuming and frustrating. Our utility allows users to import, edit, and export selection lists from XLS/CSV files. In addition, selection lists can be copied between P&ID and Plant 3D. The Import/Export/Copy Selection Lists function reduces time for list administration to a fraction of what it is without it.

This is 14-day trial period application.


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).


The trial version is limited to 14 days. There are no functional limitations.


版本, 2023/1/11
New: Support to Show/Hide P&ID Classes/Categories in SymbolsPalette (PT-834) New: Added Expand/Full Expand/Full Collapse/Collapse in Context Menu in SymbolsPalette (PT-1781) New: Support to add Custom Nodes to the class tree within the SymbolsPalette (PT-1770) New: Support for Folder Links to allow inserting DWGs and Images from the SymbolsPalette (PT-828) New: Support for Drag & Drop in Category View in SymbolsPalette (PT-1783) New: Support to add 'Object Items' to the SymbolsPalette (PT-1778) New: Support for renaming Class Display Name for SymbolsPalette (PT-829) Change: 'Specify Image' dialog replace with new dialog to specify images and rename Class Display Name (PT-1910) Change: Reworked 'Category Configuration' dialog for editing Categories in SymbolsPalette (PT-1914) Change: In OPC Manager changed the bahvior when using 'Override if Empty' in combination with 'None' mapping (PT-1922) Bug fix: Error when using PipeLineGroups or SignalLineGroups in OPC Manager when creating a connection (PT-1954) Bug fix: SymbolsPalette toggle button in PlantExpressTools ribbon isn't enabled on Plant 3D startup (PT-1948)


2 评论
  • Essential for BIM 360
    Shaun Clough | 一月 04, 2021 验证的下载 (这是什么?)

    If you plan to use BIM 360 with your Plant 3D P&ID projects this is a must have!  Allows seamless sharing of your P&ID tool palettes, something that Plant 3D does not support ootb.

  • My Favorite Plugin for P&ID
    Craig Wood | 九月 10, 2015

    This utility is by far the best one currently available for AutoCAD P&ID. There are several time-saving batch commands like "Re-Assign Tags", "Update Acquisitions", "Update Line Annotations", and others that I use nearly every day. As an added bonus, the "Coordinates" and "Assemblies" commands open up whole new possibilities to manage your data based on their spatial position within your drawing. The developer of this utility has a real passion for P&IDs, automation, and is always very quick to respond to reasonable end-user requests. All in all it is my single favorite and most used utility for AutoCAD P&ID.