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Revit modeling Using the Excel Data

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CAD to Revit model

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Observe the first video present at the bottom of the page.

You can save you as well as designers time.

Simple procedure to build the “ready to execute” floor plans.

Are you struggling to find the accurate concreting cost of a project due to its fluctuating rate?

InstaCrete 2.0 gives a very easy solution to this problem.

See the second video which is at the bottom of the page.

Are you constructing an in-place concrete stair model?

Do you want a clean join between the stair & the floor?

See, how InstaCrete calculates the riser height automatically?

You have stair values, just in-put those values in the box & see the magic.

See the third video which is at the bottom of the page.


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Before using the software read the “help” document which comes along with the software. Specifically read the chapter, ”Working with InstaCrete”.

Compatibility – You must have Revit & Excel in the English language on your computer.

Send your queries & demo request to

The fully-featured free trial expires after 15 days.


Have a look at the following videos. They showcase all the capabilities of InstaCrete.



Informace o této verzi

Verze 2.0, 07.03.2021
The user using InstaCrete version 2.0 will be able to add tags automatically to foundations, columns, beams & floors. Now it will be possible for him to add structural members at any grid point on any level. It is possible to convert the structural data in the Excel file to the Revit model.

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  • Excelent app
    Vicky B | září 05, 2020

    This app is really good, it is a absolute time saver and it took all the workloads and create a clean model using input data from excel.

  • NIce App
    George Steiszkal | srpna 28, 2020

    This app is very useful for designers of concrete structures with many repetitious elements. Who are looking at ways to shave a little time during the drafting process.


    Vikram Baraskar (Vydavatel) | srpna 31, 2020

    Thanks George!

  • Excelente aplicativo
    Diego Armando Usme Pineda | června 09, 2020 Ověřené stažení (Co je to?)

    Muy feliz y satisfecho con la gran eficiencia que se obtiene al modelar estructuras de concreto, he obtenido un ahorro muy significativo con respecto al modelado tradicional, esto me ha representado un aumento en la productividad y presicion.

    Vikram Baraskar (Vydavatel) | června 10, 2020

    Many thanks for your kind words.

  • App muy útil para estructuras de hormigón
    Pedro Romero | října 22, 2019

    Very useful this app to create faster and easier any type of concrete structure that you can use later for 4D and 5D analisys.

    App muy útil para crear estructuras de hormigón de cualquier tipo que más tarde puedes utilizar para análisis 4D y 5D.

    Vikram Baraskar (Vydavatel) | října 22, 2019

    Thank you very much.

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