Open Project Folder

Open Project Folder


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This tool helps you open the location of active project files.


A quick way to access the project folders you are currently working on.


Just click the "Project Folder" button in the "Add-ins" tab on the ribbon. This will open the location of the active project folder on Windows Explorer.

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Informace o této verzi

Verze 1.0.1, 03.09.2020
First Version.

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  • Very useful
    Michel Remy | srpna 27, 2020 Ověřené stažení (Co je to?)

    Great app but what about 2021 release?

  • orgnize your job, this is the title
    Tareq Khreet | března 05, 2019 Ověřené stažení (Co je to?)

    Thanks, this tool saved my time and get my projects folder more orgnazed.

  • Perfect
    Erwin Meulman | září 09, 2018


  • time saver
    Robin Peter Anderson | srpna 21, 2018 Ověřené stažení (Co je to?)

    Addon works perfect, i am so happy that i dont have click and look through explorer to find my project folder.

    Please can you develop this for Revit 2019?

  • Very useful
    Robert Clark | července 06, 2018 Ověřené stažení (Co je to?)

    Works exactly as advertised.  Not messing around with registration screens etc., just stright install and working.

    Appreciate the effort that has gone into this. 

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