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Rapid implementation of the EIR in Autodesk® Revit®

Responsible planners know the challenge: The client specifies certain requirements that have to be implemented in BIM models.


The client's view

In order to define these reliably, AEC3 Deutschland GmbH has developed the BIMQ database for requirements and quality management.

Now the planner is in demand. The task is to implement the specifications in the model. Until now, this meant manually processing a long list in tables or PDF form. This inevitably leads to errors in complex BIM models, which are noticed uncomfortably the next time the model is handed over to the client's BIM manager.


But how do the requirements get into the model?

We have a solution for this workflow: Our tool offers EIR usage in Revit and is also a testing tool.

You can use all these defined component parameters from the customer information requirements of the BIMQ database directly in the BIM software. With our plug-in, the requirements exported from BIMQ can be integrated into the model. Revit can now be filled with the specific characteristics of the parameters - the plugin itself is used for filling and any editing, similar to the property’s palette.

A further advantage is that the Revit models can be checked by the client to see whether each parameter has been filled correctly and whether it complies with the client's information requirements. If, for example, the client has specified a "fire protection value" for doors in the EIR, it can now be checked in the model whether this parameter has also been used and filled according to the specifications on doors - and this before the presentation / check takes place!


Note: This app uses a custom installer, not the default Autodesk installer

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