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This application contains 22 useful tools to facilitate work in Autodesk® Revit®.


Avoid Clashes

This tool is designed to easily detect and highlight the clashes between Autodesk® Revit® Elements, helping users to avoid clashes.

Saving huge time consumed in clash solving.


Excel BIM Link

The tool designed to import/export data from and to Excel file.

The tool will save a lot of time by transferring the from Excel and from Autodesk® Revit® to Excel.

Note: Do not edit 'ID' column after exporting the parameters to Excel.


Convert Text Case

The tool is designed to modify the text case for the "Text Notes category" in Revit. 


Easy Modelling for Landscape Surfaces

This tool is designed to updated the landscape floors to automatically match the Topography Surface. automatically.

It is known that landscape modeling is not applicable in Autodesk® Revit®, This tool will make it applicable.

The tool will modify all the landscape floors to follow the Topography Surface.


Define Element ID

This tool will extract all the element IDs from all Revit elements and store it in a shared parameter called "Element_ID" under each element.

This will help in coordination and other purposes.


Batch (Hide / Unhide) Links

This tool is designed to Batch (Hide / Unhide) Revit Links.

The tool will save a lot of time and enhance Revit file performance.


Land Planning (Create rooms & Blocks )from lines

The function of this tool is to convert lines to rooms and Convert rooms to blocks.

The tool will help planing engineers to start their projects in Autodesk® Revit® by converting the lines to rooms and then to blocks.

This will help in land planning at the beginning of new projects.


Upgrade Files

This tool will upgrade previous versions of Revit files to the latest Revit format. The tool can upgrade families, template files, and project files.

This will reduce the time used in upgrading the manually. It will save a lot of lost time.

Centralized families cannot be upgraded to the latest version of Revit.

A different folder path needs to be selected to save the upgraded files. 


Export Link Path To Excel

This tool is designed to export a Revit link file's path to Excel.  

It's very useful, especially for large projects with many links.

You can also use it to check the linked file's paths. 


Compare and fix levels Elevations

This tool is designed to compare the linked file levels with the current project levels.

It will check the level name and elevation.

It will fix the level elevation to match the linked file levels elevation.


Copy Worksets From files

This tool is designed to copy worksheets from the file.


Renumber Elements

This tool is designed to give sequence numbers for Revit elements.


Door (From Room / To Room)

The tool is designed to automatically copy the room data to doors especially (From Room and To_Room).

The normal way is modifying the data for each door one by one; this tool will automatically do the process.


Create Worksets from Excel

The tool is designed to create worksets from an Excel list.

This will save time when creating worksets in Revit and facilitate the workflow, especially when you have standard workset names stored in an Excel file.


Batch Export NWC

The tool is designed to export Revit models to NWC.

The application will open the Revit files and it will export them to NWC and close the files.


The application requires Autodesk® Navisworks® Manage to be installed in your machine, The Navisworks version must be the same as your Revit version.


Batch reload_Links

This tool is designed to reload links in the current project or in a batch of Revit files.

This will save a lot of time.


Batch Purge files locations

This tool is designed to purge unused project locations.  

The tool will save a lot of time used in opening files one by one to delete unused project locations.

The user will select the folder which contains the Revit files and the tool will open the files, delete the unused project locations, save the files and close them.


Files Rename

The tool is designed to rename all file types (.rvt, .dwg,.xls, etc.....) files or any other file types.

The tool has two options:

1.    Create a new copy of the files.

2.    Rename the original files.


Batch Detach Central Models

This tool is designed to batch detach the Revit central models automatically.


Convert Room to 3D Room

This tool is designed to convert Revit rooms to 3d blocks (contains all room data) which can be colored by a filter.

Automatic Adding of Paint Material

This tool will add the paint material for the structure elements or in-place elements automatically.


Extract family names from folder

This tool is designed to automatically extract family names.

It will save a lot of time consumed in family names documentation

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Version 1.1.1, 02.07.2020
Adding the below tools 1.Convert Room to 3D Room 2.Automatic Adding of Paint Material 3.Extract family names from folder 4.Batch Detach Central Models 5.Avoid Clashes



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