Megara Levels SafeGuard

Megara Levels SafeGuard

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AutoProtect Levels. With this app, you will  no longer lose your elements after deleting levels, and you have the control on where they go.


This app was developed after  nearly 1K votes and requests in the Autodesk® Revit® Ideas forums, for some way to prevent/notify a user about levels deletion consequences.

Megara Levels SafeGuard solves the irritating issue, where the elements get deleted by the deletion of associated Levels.

Users are prevented from deleting levels, and are notified that elements will be lost, unless they manually unprotected the level.

And more that! You have the option to automatically rehost to another level and move to the same elevation from the new level.



  1. For peace of mind, the plugin is auto-activated with Revit launch, as long as your subscription is valid.
  2. Auto protects levels of each project you open.
  3. Prevents user from deleting levels and gives option to auto move the elements to another level.
  4. Works with all Different Level Parameters whether that’s being a Host, Level, Reference Level, Schedule Level, Base Level or Base Constrain.
  5. When you choose to use the plugin auto processing, it creates a new 3D view with suffix “_SafeGuard” so you can review it for the last time.
  6. To delete a level, you must manually unprotected the level. So, no place for losing elements by mistake.



  • This is a license protected application. We use the latest Autodesk Floating License Technology for your convenience.
  • This app will work on any PC when you sign in using the Autodesk Account used in purchasing this app.
  • We provide you a 30-Days Trial to experience the excellent quality of our apps and ensure it fully meets your requirements.
  • This app works by subscription, and we are offering you a discounted price for yearly subscriptions.



  • This protection is based on Revit software, not on your project File.
  • This means you must use the software on each PC working on your project,
  • This is a Revit plugin, not a software that attaches to your project.

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Version 1.0.0, 18.02.2021
Initial release

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