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Project Sweeper

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Project Sweeper is a collection of tools that allow a user to quickly and accurately remove the following clutter from Autodesk® Revit® projects:


  • line styles
  • line patterns
  • text styles
  • fill region types and
  • fill patterns.


Except for text styles, these items are not checked by Revit "Purge Unused" command. Project Sweeper goes beyond just checking for unused styles and patterns. It also allows a user to convert from one style\pattern to another, delete all the elements using a style\pattern and to preview all the views\elements using a style\pattern before removing it.


Multiuser licenses are available. Contact us for more information:

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Version 2018.1.3.0, 30.11.2017
Log files are now stored in %TMP%\ProjectSweeper directory. Fill Pattern Cleaner - Fixed bug that caused exception error when selecting "Reset Style" from right click menu. - Progress dialog now shows name of the family that was just scanned so users can see if progress is being made. - Added more detailed error reporting information to help catch bug causing "Loaded Family Editing failed." exception. - Added improvement to increase speed when scanning families. - Fixed bug that caused number of deleted styles in result window to be incorrect in some workset enabled projects. Line Style Cleaner - Fixed bug that caused number of deleted styles in result window to be incorrect in some workset enabled projects. - Added more detailed error reporting information to help catch bug causing "Element cannot be pinned or unpinned." exception. - Fixed bug where lines in filled regions weren't converted to new style unless current style was being deleted.

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  • Great little GEM.
    Nauman Mysorewala | November 30, 2017 Geprüfter Download (Was ist das?)

    You can get dynamo scripts etc for each functionality, but this one works great in finding the IMPORT linetypes and swap out linetypes. The reason why I am making it 4star is the interface. If your project has a huge amount of line patterns etc to purge it spans past my 3 monitors and have to drag the interface over before I can get to the right side of the Purge unused , search etc. Should be side scrollable window. Love the User option, in which it shows where the item is being used. Line pattern preview etc

    Paul Hildebrandt (Herausgeber) | Dezember 08, 2017

    The window width problem will be resolved in the next release.

  • Mixed Review Comment
    Michael Viscetto | November 20, 2017

    Hello, I am about to download and try your app, however, I am wondering about the comment Paul made about the central file issue. Is this an isolated issue within Paul's environment, or do I need to be concerned about it at this time. Thank you Michael

    Paul Hildebrandt (Herausgeber) | Dezember 08, 2017

    We have not been able to reproduce the problem. Revit has built in safeties that prevent an app like Project Sweeper from modifying an element that is currently owned by someone.

  • Mixed Review
    Jason Hughes | September 19, 2017

    I have installed this and have it running in Revit 2016 & Revit 2018. I have had nothing but amazing things to say about the program in 2018 on a non-central file. Close to using it on a central file, but hesitant. However, I have used these tools in 2016 on a central file & I have had to resort to backups and even a server backup to recover a project twice after using this add-in. Each time reverting back to a version before I used the add-in. On Revit 2016 & after using the add-in, I could not change to any other view without getting a fatal error. Beware, it allowed me to sync prior to trying to change the view, which corrupted my central file too. Anyone else on the team who synced, it corrupted their local file as well. This IS the tool of all tools to use. I hope my issues are an isolated incident. Thank you author. I hope to find a resolution to the issue.

    Paul Hildebrandt (Herausgeber) | November 04, 2017

    Sorry to here about your troubles. This issue will be looked into immediately.

    Paul Hildebrandt (Herausgeber) | November 05, 2017

    Hi Jason. This app has been tested on workset enabled projects without the error that you encountered. Revit correctly blocks any attempt to modify an element or style that is owned. Would you be willing to share the Revit project with me so I can test it directly?

    Daniel Rich | September 14, 2017

    Extremely helpful for converting .dwg to revit files or templates. Allows removal of old linestyles and patterns, and bulk changes text styles and linestyles from the automatically created .dwg imports. SUPER USEFUL

    JAROD HALL | August 11, 2017

    This tool just saved me hours and hours cleaning up my revit template. In fact it is so nice that I am going to go clean up some in progress files, and then maybe some archived files. It is that cool.

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