Vertical/Horizontal Brace Generator 2015

Vertical/Horizontal Brace Generator 2015

ЧП "Ар-Кадия"



Brace generator designed for automatic creation of braces (horizontal and vertical) between the columns and beams.


User while operation:   

  • Selects the basic elements (beams, columns);


  • Define parameters of generation in dialog box, such as: type brace element, details binding of connection, size and position details;


  • Define brace plane and it position in space;


  • After completion of the generation is possible to perform a restart dialogue and fix parameters.


There are two types of geometry braces: as one "cross" or two.


User can create a separate node connection between the brace element and the beam (column) if the element already exists.


Construction node establishes trapezoidal plate, end plate and stiffeners.


3D model contains welds as a way of connecting details. Flat views include conditional mapping welds. Additional family`s allow to specify information about welds on the drawings: weld thickness - length.


Using a generator greatly accelerates the process of constructing the model structure. As result, user is able to generate the necessary specifications for all c related details.

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Version 1.1.0, 20.09.2016

Product version for Autodesk ® Revit ® Structure 2015 .

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