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SkyCiv Plugin is an integration between Autodesk® Revit® & SkyCiv ( It helps to transform the geometry built as an analytical model in Revit to SkyCiv Platform and use all the structural analysis and design capabilities offered by SkyCiv. 


After Installation, the first thing the user must do is to update the details in the Settings Dialog. If you don't have the SkyCiv Account please sign up for one ( Once you have signed up, head over to, and get the user API Username and API Key and enter the same in the Settings Dialog on the Plugin. 


Once the user prepares the model, they can use the "Export Model" functionality which will transfer all the nodes, elements, sections, materials, loads and load combinations, supports, etc. to the Structural 3D module of SkyCiv.


Users can also perform the structural analysis right there in the Revit Model environment. The user can select the "Run Analysis" by selecting any of the Analysis methods which will do the analysis on the SkyCiv's Structural 3D platform by transporting the model. 


Once the analysis is complete, users can view the analysis results visualization, Reactions, Displacements, Moments, and many other parameters in Tabular Format. These results can be viewed directly in the Revit environment.


The plugin is also capable of exporting Plate Elements (slabs, floors, walls),  which the analysis results are also displayed in graphical format as coloured contours on meshed diagram on the Revit analytical model itself. 


Users can also download the Analysis Results in Excel format for further evaluation and verification. 


With easy to use functionalities, the plugin leverages SkyCiv's powerful analysis capabilities right from the Revit environment without users having to go through third-party analysis software - serving as a one-stop solution. The plugin is available as free to download subject to the user already having a SkyCiv account.


For more details on how to use please head to

For more details on SkyCiv, please visit


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

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Version, 18.02.2021
Initial Release.


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  • Excellent Plugin For Revit
    Nilay Ramnavmiwale | April 16, 2021

    Very Good Plugin for Revit Users. Impressed with the functionalities provided. It has the flexibility to use the S3D or Revit as per the choice of user. User can either Export the model to S3D and do the processing there or can do Analysis etc. right from the Plugin. 

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