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During architecture design, the curtain systems design and curtain panels modify is generally based on externally linked models; besides, architecture designer also needs to frequently customize the curtain panels to meet the design request; The Curtain Modeler tool provided by BIMCoder provides straightforward approaches to allow architecture to create curtain systems on the surfaces of imported link models and the tool also provides easy to use functions to allow user both modifying and saving the curtain panels effectively.


The tool provides two function modules below:

Curtain System

The module will help the user to create curtain systems on the surfaces of linked model quickly; the user can select one or more than one linked models and then specify the curtain panel types, the curtain systems will be created automatically on the surface.

Curtain Panels

The module provides the convenient approach to allow user selecting the new panel type and then apply the new type to selected panels; besides, the tool can also allow the user to save the editing panels to a file and user can reload the earlier data to modify again in future.  


The price is $8.99 (PayPal Link), and the trial version provides 15 trial days.


Addition Remark -- The activation process:

1. Open "Software Activation" page by click "Install License" button in License check dialog or the license detail dialog invoked in the Help dialog.

2. According to the step listed in Activation page to activate. There are two ways to activate (we advise you use the Online way for it is convenient)

1) Online way. It provides the PayPal link to buy, and then input PayPal Account and Transaction ID to activate after bought.

2) Offline way. If you can't activate by Online, please fulfill the needed information, and send back to us, we will help you to generate the authorized code to activate.

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  • Grrrrr !!!
    Dominique Payelleville | Januar 24, 2014 Geprüfter Download (Was ist das?)

    I do not succeed in creating a Curtain System from a linked file CAD. Could you make a video on YouTube Please ? With Curtain Panels it's OK !

  • good tool
    刘全富 刘 | Juli 26, 2013 Geprüfter Download (Was ist das?)

    very useful, Improve the work efficiency!

  • Very useful tool
    Triaphoo Fu | Juli 26, 2013 Geprüfter Download (Was ist das?)

    This is very good tool for curtain design and quanlity calc!

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