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Automatic creation of dimensions of columns and foundations, which will save you time, and gives you accurate, quality presentations.



1.     Annotation Quality.

2.     Saves Time.

3.     Powerful presentation, where the line of dimension is always between dimension text and element face according to (above & left) annotation rule.

4.     Accuracy, where the distance between the dimension line and element faces is constant.


Activation Note: Once this app is purchased, it can be used for 7 days without activation. You need to send the request key UID to to get the license key and to activate the app.

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Version 1.00.31, 05.06.2023
Add new feature to auto dimension families have more than 4 vertical faces. Fix some bugs. Moving from Add-ins to SiruS Tab

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  • Does it work on all versions?
    mutasem alzukahy | Juni 09, 2023

    Does it work on all versions?

    Micheal Magdy (Herausgeber) | Juni 29, 2023

    Hi Mutasem, Yes it works for all versions from 19 to 24

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