BIMF Tools: Insert Pipe Penetrations

BIMF Tools: Insert Pipe Penetrations



Combined penetration plans and services penetration elevations are becoming the industry norm. Engineering consultants and services contractors are often requested to provide these to the structural engineers for structural review. Our Autodesk® Revit® plugin automates the insertion of these penetration elements, eliminating the need to spend hours preparing them.


The plugin contains two main commands: Insert Wall Penos and Insert Slab Penos. These commands will automatically detect pipe penetrations that pass the filters, calculate the intersection centroids, insert a penetration Family element at the centroid, and set the diameter and thickness of the penetration element; all done automatically in seconds.

  • Intelligent pipe penetration recognition captures pipes on a slope and ignores cast-ins and unintended drafting errors.
  • Automatically detects and sets penetration diameter and thickness.
  • User-defined filter to only detect pipes within a specific diameter range.
  • User-selected slab or wall, bounded by the current 3D view, for ease of control.
  • A report window will be generated post-insertion, with clickable hyperlinks to zoom in on the detected pipes.
  • Insert your penetration elements or our provided default elements in seconds.

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Version 1.0.0, 22.04.2024
Initial release.

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