GRAITEC PowerPack for Revit 2018 R2 (Trial)

GRAITEC PowerPack for Revit 2018 R2 (Trial)

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GRAITEC PowerPack for Revit® is an add-on packed with tools that deliver more functionality, better control and more automation for Revit users across all industries.

** Compatible with Revit 2017 and Revit 2018 versions**

This is a 5-day trial version. The Full version -12 month Desktop Subscription - is available to purchase on the Store here!

Languages available on installation: English, French, Czech, German, Italian, Polish, Romanian and Russian.

Multi-year, network and bulk subscription options available from GRAITEC direct:
*IMPORTANT: This app is FREE for GRAITEC Revit Subscription customers - please contact GRAITEC for more details*

Tools include:


BIM Connect: Enable BIM workflows with Graitec solutions or using industry standard formats IFC/SDNF/CIS2/SMLX/GTCX

Advance Design: Export the active project from Revit and import in Advance Design

BIM Designers: Export elements from the active Revit project to Reinforced Concrete BIM Designers using GTCX format


Link to Excel: Synchronize data through a bi-directional link between Revit and Excel


Family Manager: Simplify Family management, selection and searches, detect already loaded families & select network folder

Family Exporter: Select and export multiple families to a project folder

File Updater: Convert Revit projects, Families and templates to latest version

Watermark Manager: Watermark and password protect your Revit Families

Prepare Background Model: Clean up the architectural background file before linking to structural/MEP models
Link Background Model: Link the architectural background file in MEP/structural model
Create Views: Create views based on view templates


Door SideDetect door swing direction & add a new parameter for views and schedules

Move XY: Move selection in X and Y plane simultaneously

Category Visibility: Filter any elements in current project with a simple tick box

Add Parameters: Add additional shared parameters for specific type of objects (columns, walls, beams, slabs, lintels, sills)

CAD to RFA Converter: Convert 3D DWG files to Revit Families

3D View Creator / Auto Selection box creator: Create 3D views of selected objects/specific areas, or completely displace the entire building by level

Join Openings: Join multiple openings

Pipe Openings: Auto-detect pipe/duct clashes and apply openings in structural elements
Join & Unjoin Geometry:
Automatically join/unjoin/switch join order of selected element categories

Split PipesDivide MEP elements to stock lengths for an entire project

Pipe Insulation: Create insulation on pipes and ducts based on system type and thickness settings


Detect Errors: Points out elements that are not connected from a calculation point of view, and nodes that are abnormally close to each other

Reset Analytical Models: Resets the manual adjustments of the analytical model (for all models or a selection)

Trim or Extend: Trims/extends the extremities of close objects (does not affect elements that are not in the same plane)
Stretch to Node: Stretches the closest extremities of selected elements to a reference point


Auto Dimensioning: Create a dimension string based on selected elements

Dimension Configuration: Set preferences

Join Dimension Lines: Select parallel dimensions to form a single dimension chain

Quick Dimensioning: Convert a line into a dimension chain of all intersecting elements

Numbering: Apply numbering to any Revit category (grids, doors, rooms, etc.)

Add/Edit Floor Structure Tag: Add/edit a floor structure tag

Window Sill Tag: (height/opening)

Center of Gravity: Insert symbol at COG

Stair Line: Create a stair line

Pipe Description: Add tags and annotations for duct and pipe categories

Text Case: Change text case in active view or by project

Edit Mark: Add formulas to Mark Numbers


Impact Views Management: Generate formwork drawings with all necessary details

View Sheet Generator: Create views for a selected assembly

Arrange Views: Auto-arrange views on a sheet

Legend Creator: Create legends and update them as necessary

Excel Tools: Connect an Excel sheet to the current project

Key Parameter: Import parameters from Excel

Precast Tools: Calculate volumes and create views

Export Sheets to DWG: Export to DWG


Windows Arranger: Arrange active views, center content, enable grow/shrink active windows

+ Over 1100 new Revit Families added in different languages covering Rebar Annotations, Reinforcement and formwork symbols, Dimensions, Title blocks and more.

Visit our app web page.


Note: This app uses a custom installer (and not the standard App Store installer).

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