Ultimate Plugin Suite 2.0 -  2018

Ultimate Plugin Suite 2.0 - 2018



Welcome. In our plugin suite, we offer a multitude of different operations from renumbering tools, to even Autodesk® AutoCAD® / Autodesk® Revit® Detail Converters providing easy conversion from one platform to another. Our tools help enhance the users’ daily lives by allowing them to save hundreds of hours doing tedious and mind numbing tasks. Down below you will find over 110 plugin features to help you navigate to your details for your company, set up quick sheet managers, and even Automatic lineweight elevations that adjust based on the users’ depth. For the latest offers and special deals, feel free to visit our main homepage at KB-Bimstore.com.


License Activation Information:

Trial:  This app provides 90 days of trial with limited functionality. Once you have successfully downloaded and installed the program, you will be prompted with the number of days remaining.  This dialog will appear every time unless the product is activated and/or expired.  If you encounter any error messages or issues other than: “Your product will expire in XX days”, please contact our customer support to help you with any further issues.

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Informationen zu dieser Version

Version 2.0.1, 04.12.2017
Version 2.0.1 - Fixed Load Functionality In Project Creator - Fixed Bugs / Loading Issues - Overall Enhancements Version 2.0: - New Functionality Incorporated Into KB-BimStore Tab: Tab/ToolBar Renamer / Toolbar Manager - New Detail Tab: Over 60 Customizable Functionalities From Region Hatches, Lineweights, and Detail Components - New Customizable Settings Button Version 1.1: Made minor tweaks to improve performance. User is now able to add Excel Document To Prefix In Create Project Button. AutoSave / AutoSynchronize Function Starts Right After First Command Started! License Management Improved.

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