Raumbuch – Flächenbuch – Gebäudebuch 2016

Raumbuch – Flächenbuch – Gebäudebuch 2016

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Die “Raumbuch Flächenbuch Gebäudebuch Erweiterung für Revit” unterstützt Sie im gesamten Prozess der Mengen-, Massen- und Flächenermittlung Ihrer Projekte: 


·   Das Raumbuch berechnet die raumbezogenen Oberflächenmaterialien von Wänden, Böden und Decken sowie Raumumfänge und Ausstattungsgegenstände für eine umfassende Ermittlung der Materialmengen des Innenausbaus. 

·   Das Flächenbuch ermittelt Wohnflächen, Rohbauflächen von Räumen und  Raumgruppen sowie Netto- , Brutto- und Konstruktionsgrundflächen von Gebäuden für die komplette Flächenberechnung.

·   Das Gebäudebuch berechnet die materialbezogenen Mengen und Massen der konstruktiven Gebäudeelemente für eine umfassende Quantifizierung der Materialien bezogen auf einzelne Schichten und Komponenten.


Zusätzlich zur automatischen Erkennung der Massen, Mengen und Flächen erlaubt diese Erweiterung die Anwendung und Konfiguration von lokalen Anforderungen und länderspezifischen Standards (International sowie DIN/VOB Standard) für eine akkurate Mengen- und Flächenermittlung. Die gesammelten Berechnungen können exportiert werden, z.B. in Microsoft Excel, native Revit Bauteillisten sowie DWF-Dateien für die weitergehende Berechnung in Autodesk Navisworks.

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Version 2016.0, 25.05.2016

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  • Revit 2019
    Kendel Inverarity | April 03, 2019

    Any chance of it being available for 2019?

  • Hi do you have any fix for this
    Ellyn Centenera | April 13, 2018



  • Buildingbook Extension and Design Options
    Vincent Chen | April 12, 2018

    I am having this issue running Buildingbook Extension for a prjoect with a dozen of design options. It calculated all the design options embeded within one single project; I thought there should be a way to filter not just parts but also assign specific design options, or even phases. 

    This caused ID tags generated by the extension program to overlap in mulitiple spots and making it difficult to distinguish one from another. 

  • revit 2018
    Daniela Tunheim | Januar 05, 2018

    Hi, I used this excellent app before but Im not managing to download to revit 2018. Anyone knows how is that possible?

    Kendel Inverarity | April 03, 2019

    Did you ever find it for Revit 2018? I am after the Revit 2019 version.

  • Room book calculations
    Luto Olwethu Ndlebe | Juli 19, 2017

    What does one do when your trying to calculate room book quantities but an error message stating the following appears: "Roombook Quantities calculations cannot be performed because certain family files are missing or have been renamed."

  • Quantities by Phases
    Moldovan Vasile | Juli 12, 2017

    If i have a building that have to extend. How i make quantity just for extension? P.S. Good extension, rezolv a lot of problems.

  • Broken
    Jeff Rath | Juli 10, 2017

    Broken app that I can't uninstall ... lots of error messages every time I start Revit 2017

    Ellyn Centenera | Oktober 19, 2018

    Hi Jeff, Were you able to fix the problem? I also encounter some errors before in this 2016 version so I removed it. Thanks

  • Mohamed Fouaf
    Yassin Mohamed | Juli 08, 2017

    Revit is good but with extensions is very good . Thank you Autodesk

  • Greate app but missing one thing
    Al'aaeldin Alsahli | März 22, 2017

    it will be very helpful to have a CANCEL/ESC button to stop calculating the quantification of all the rooms. otherwise you need to force close revit

  • Malfunctioning unreliable plug-in, waste of time.
    Jelmer Eekman | Oktober 19, 2016

    - Doesn't subtract gaps created by families other than doors or windows. - Doesn't subtract doors at all (bug) - Can't save settings in calculate room quantities dialogue. - Calculate room dialogue bugs - No written documentation.. - No support

  • DIN 277 in old version from 2005
    Julian Behm | September 23, 2016

    since January 2016 there has been a new version of the DIN 277, why is it still the 2005 DIN Version??? For education use not optimal.

  • Roombook Areabook Buildingbook 2017
    Enrique Vã¡zquez Cortã©s | August 09, 2016

    We need the version for Revit 2017 , when will be ?, thanks

    Sandeep Kumar | August 09, 2016

    This add-in for 2017 should be available from the subscription website: https://account.autodesk.com → Manage → Revit → Updates → Add-Ons

  • is slow on large projects
    Joris Van Bossche | Juni 16, 2016

    I'm working a a large project (180Mb) and this great extension becomes very very slow. It takes over 10 minutes to make a room calculation for 1 room. Is there a document that says what are the minimum requirements for a project? How can I reduce my project so that the calculation becomes quick again? What settings can I change to improve the calculation? ...?

  • 2017
    Ghasem Ariyani | Mai 22, 2016

    hi Do be released for 2017

  • revit 2017
    Bulent Cetin | Mai 03, 2016

    Support for revit 2017?

  • File master
    Fabio Ruffo | April 05, 2016

    Come si importano i dati di un file collegato?

  • Roobook & Newforma plug in
    David Marchant | Februar 10, 2016

    Room book not installing correctly with the newforma plug in.

  • Roombook 2016
    Martin Peiner | Januar 29, 2016

    Top! Aber bei verknüpften Modellen funktioniert es nicht...

  • Overrides Shared Parameters file
    Joaquim Agostinho | Dezember 09, 2015

    For some reason I cannot repath my company Shared Parameters file location as it defaults to Roombook's SP file. Working fine after I have uninstalled Roombook.

  • great plugin
    Davide Facchetti | November 04, 2015

    a Really good plugin for Revit. Finally a real QTO.

  • Can't Extract
    Edwin Gunawan | Oktober 14, 2015

    why can't extract

  • Não Baixa
    Michael Oliveira | September 08, 2015

    Como faz pra baixar?

    Robert Levy | November 02, 2015

    Voce precise ter subscription para baixar isto. Coloque tua senah que voce recebeu do Autodesk.

  • Raumbuch 2015?????
    Filip Koruznjak | September 08, 2015

    Where can I download the program for Revit 2015?

    Enis Kansoy | Oktober 05, 2015

    www.manage.autodesk.com - The older Plugins are in your Subscription Center

  • excellent plugin and a great advantage to generate quantities
    Brian Hanrahan | September 04, 2015

    Hi, I have been using RoomBook, BuildingBook and AreaBook the past week and I am very impressed with this plugin. Small issue is that with some models BuildingBook will not work and comes up with an error. I hope somebody could help me on this issue as I can see the advantages of using this plugin. Thanks.

  • Revit RB 2016
    Petra Verbücheln | August 31, 2015

    Sehr gute Programmerweiterung. Bitte weiter so.

    Elton Carvalho | August 19, 2015


  • Room book Area book Building book 2016
    Sarkawt Jalal | August 19, 2015

    Revit is good but with Roombook Areabook Buildingbook 2016 is very good and every thing

  • Great app
    Khalat Jalal | August 13, 2015

    Revit without roombook is %70

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